About Town: C.G. Sparks


Another store on our SLC Bucket List was C.G. Sparks. After seeing it from the freeway only about a thousand times, we finally checked it out, and it didn’t disappoint! The store had very cool displays and we went away with an idea or two for the next apartment we move to in the spring, like those exposed light bulbs on the wall (pictured above).

They had a mix of vintage, reworked and modern pieces and I especially liked this cool bed frame, the very random art prints and this awesome little sofa. If you’re in need of an interior facelift I say you better check it out.


Meals I Met and Liked: Holiday Mania

After the Thanksgiving festivities, I kind of don’t want to think about food for awhile. I’ve been focusing on simple, healthy meals like big salads and egg scrambles…anything light and easy to throw together! But no doubt I’ll be craving the good stuff again soon, so if you’re in the same boat, here’s a recap on some amazing tasty eats and treats I’ve made in the past couple weeks.


1. Apple Cider Donuts (Thanks, Brynne!) These were a huge hit at Brynne’s brunch party awhile back and I made them since then, though they weren’t quite as good as hers ­čśŽ
2. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies (Thanks, Kelli!) Ah-mazing. The kind of pumpkin cookie I’ve been seeking out for awhile. Although the classic pumpkin chocolate chip cookie is good, this is a fun twist!
3. White Bean Stew So easy and perfect for a rainy/snowy day! You could definitely do variations on this one. I used garbanzo beans instead of white beans.
4. Autumn Couscous Salad┬áJust sings of fall flavors…even though winter is almost here!

5. Pumpkin Applesauce Muffins.┬áThese were Liv’s first taste of a muffin. I just handed it to her and she went at it, eating the whole thing in no time! Baby- and adult-approved.


About Town: Bohem


Since David works 3/12s (3 12-hour shifts per week), on his days off we are kind of like a retired couple, just doing whatever we want whenever we want. And in those blissful days, we’ve been able to check quite a few things off our SLC Bucket List!

Last week we hit up several furniture/design stores we’ve never been to, and Bohem was one of them. I could’ve brought at least half of the store home with me and been happy! They have amazing rugs, quilts and blankets, plus amazing little extras like camera straps, Turkish towels, and more.

I really wanted to come home with this quilt, this baby blanket, this rug, and this tea towel!

Though most of the stuff was a little out of our budget, it’s actually pretty reasonable for how unique and high-quality the items are. (We’re just poor as we try to save money for David’s PA school adventures this upcoming year.) Prices are similar to West Elm but totally unique and often handmade.