The 7-Minute Workout


I mentioned earlier that I’ve been doing a lot of Pilates — it’s the first workout plan I’ve been fairly consistent with and somewhat looked forward to doing every day, and I’ve been at it for two months. Might not sound like long, but I usually get bored with workouts by then.

Since having a baby, the gym is just not a realistic option (no babysitting at my gym and Liv is too young for that anyway), so Pilates has been life-changing!

Still, there are days when I just don’t make Pilates happen. On those days, the 7-minute workout makes me feel okay about skipping the longer routine.

According this New York Times article, the workout provides benefits equivalent to a long bike ride or run. In 7 minutes? Whaa? Basically…you have no reason to ever do any of those things again. Just kidding. Kinda. But really…if the science says so and it’s wayyyy easier/less time-consuming, I’m sold.


How I’m Finally Learning to Kick Daily Sugar Cravings (!!)

I’m obsessed with sugar and I’ve tried about a million things to kick the habit: sugar fasts, stevia substitutes, “healthy” desserts, eating spoonfuls of honey, treats once a week, chocolate once a day, banana “ice cream,” etc. etc.

NONE of it works for me. The only time I stopped craving sugar on a daily basis was when I was pregnant and miraculously developed a food aversion to sugary treats. (But then it kind of my life way less joyful.)

But recently…with minimal effort…I figured it out!


Mission: Stop Sugar Cravings has been a success, and I wasn’t even trying that hard. All I starting doing was:

1. Drink a gallon of water a day

2. Follow the Blogilates calendar every morning

Drinking so much water helped me realize when I’m truly hungry vs. thirsty or just snacky-feeling, and Blogilates has helped me feel strong and more in shape, so that I don’t even want to ruin the good feeling with a sugar high/crash.

Miracles DO exist!

(Photo via edible perspective)