Home Dreamin’

David and I compliment each other in all kinds of ways, but one great thing is how much he likes thinking about housing floor plans, architecture, and all that jazz, while I love decorating and filling my Pinterest boards with interior design ideas. Someday we’re destined to have a pretty dreamy home!

Let me put an emphasis on that “someday,” though, because we’ll be spending at least the next three years continuing to rent while he is in grad school. Until then, we’ve got everything planned out for our future abode. With much thanks to Pinterest and David’s floor plan doodles, we practically have our house planned top to bottom.

future abodeLet’s start with the exterior and landscape. Looking at this collage now I’m clearly seeing the inner Pride & Prejudice/Downton Abbey lover in me shining through. Might as well move to the English countryside!

Key elements: Georgian-style architecture, brick, ivy-covered walls, m0ss-covered cobblestone, lots of land, trees and wild landscape, a bright door, a few modern elements mixed in.