Need You: Fall Style Picks

fall capsule (2)

Living in a 500 square foot apartment with a family of three, minimize, streamline and purgepurgepurge has been the name of my game lately. And Ms. Un-Fancy has inspired me to do the same with my wardrobe.

Though I won’t go to quite her level of commitment, (She only wears 37 pieces of clothing for an entire season! Comparably, I think I have close to 20 skirts in my closet still :-/ ) I do want to make more of an effort to eliminate clothes I never wear and limit my new purchases each season.

A key to this process is getting your clothes to mix and match easily. Caroline (of Un-Fancy blog) recommends picking a color palette and sticking to it for the season. Apparently mine is gray, black, olive green, oxblood (such a weird color name), and navy. Some of these items I already bought for fall, but some I had existing in my closet, so I don’t feel like this is too excessive of a list!

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